Leak from nut on polyB main supply line how to fix?

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I have a 3/4" blue polyB hose coming out of the ground supplying water to my home. It uses a grey nut that then attaches to a brass coupling that then attached to my main water shutoff valve, then goes to the water meter. The collar around the grey nut is starting to drip water, as well as the coupling between it and the shutoff valve. Replacing the blue hose is out of the question. What would be the best way to replace the grey nut on the polyB hose and install a new main shutoff valve? I attached an image of what I'm dealing with.

I was thinking of cutting down the blue hose a bit and crimping a 3/4" polyB to PEX adapter on it, then take a 3/4" PEX pipe and put it on the end of it with a 3/4" full port ball valve with a drain. Is that sufficient? Since this is all plumbing before the main shutoff valve I want it to be quite resilient. Not sure if a compression nut like what is being used now is any better than a 3/4" polyB to PEX adapter. Thoughts?


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