Kohler tub switch problem

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    Jan 18, 2007
    I have a Kohler whirlpool tub, model K-1357-LA. The motor is controlled by an air actuator switch. Quite often, after the unit has been running for a while the motor will not turn off, I have to unplug it from the wall. And on 2 occasions now, the unit has turned itself on, once while someone was bathing in it and once when no one was even in the room and there was no water in the tub (yes it will turn on when no water is in the tub). A space heater was running in the room at the time, so that could account for the change in air pressure that could activate the switch, maybe?

    We now leave the tub unplugged all the time because if it turns on while we're out, the motor could burn up and maybe catch our house on fire! This has been happening ever since the unit was new and of course we've waited until it's out of warranty before trying to get something done.

    Any suggestions? answers? Any input would be appreciated.
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    Contact Kohler and see if one of their authorized reps (local plumber authorized to do warranty work) will come out and diagnose the problem, fix it.

    Other than that, the air switch module sounds bad on the pump itself. It's odd to hear how that is acting though.
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    The air switch is a closed circuit as long as it works, and even if the hose were to become disconnected the exhaust fan cannot create the pressure needed to operate it. If it is operating independently, then the problem is in the switch, not the air button.
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