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  1. interfx

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    Dec 12, 2006
    I have 4 older toilets form my house (15 years old) that are the Kohler Rochelle model.

    I have continuous issues with all of them, and really do not have the budget to replace all 4. Would ideally like to replace the flushing unit on them. One runs, one gets stuck, one has the flush ball get unscrewed, one has the flush ball get "stuck" on the seal, one just doesn't seal correctly...

    These are nice toilets, (color coded to my rooms) - but would like to know if there are good replacement internals I can replace these older mechanisms... It looks like there are similar Kohler models now, but not sure if they would actually retrofit easily...

    Is this possible? When I look at replacement kits, this model is never referenced... any ideas?

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  2. andy vh

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    Dec 15, 2006
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
    Kohler Rochelle flush valve replacement

    I recently installed a Cesco 16AK flush valve kit in my Kohler Rochelle toilet. The original Kohler flush valve was leaking and I would replce the entire toilet before spending $365 for a new Kohler valve kit. That price is was out of line and I searched for a cost effective replacement.

    Here is the address to the Cesco product:

    I can't agree that the installation took only 15 minutes as one testimonial claimed. But the Cesco valve is quality industrial grade product for only $56.
    I did make some minor modifications to accomodate the Cesco valve as the mounting flange was barely larger than the hole in the tank bottom.
    Also, the Cesco kit has no provision for the flap valve. I used a Fluidmaster 555 adjustable flap valve kit that I glued into the tank bottom with Plumbers Goop.

    My Rochelle toilet is quiet once again and flushes as good if not better than before. If anyone wants all the details let me know. I have digital photos and other details to offer. Also, I now have a used Rochelle flush valve that may be of worth to someone. I'd prefer not to keep it so its up for offers. But I do not have the original white overflow tube as I used it to make a flange bushing to better fit the Cesco valve to the Kohler tank.

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  4. grazzy

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    Nov 1, 2007
    Rochelle flush valve replacement

    Lowe's sells a 1B1X replacement for about ten bucks and this can be combined with the fluidmaster 555 flapper. Total cost of the fix less than $20. Takes a little ingenuity to run the hose from a diverter valve to the hole for the bowl, but the end result is very good. There's also a brass model that sells for about $15 and has the water for the bowl shoot out of the top of the ballcock. I believe this could easily be modified and combined with the Fluidmaster 555 to have a long lasting no more leaking Rochelle.
  5. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona
    The biggest advantage to that toilet, and the other "low boys" of that era, is that they CANNOT overflow when they get plugged up. VERY important for second floor toilets, and also useful for lower level ones also. I have no problem repairing them, and I do NOT have to resort to "makeshift" parts such as the Cesco valve and 555 flapper unit. Connecting the 1B-1-X to the flush rim it VERY easy.

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