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Hello everyone. Long-time follower, 1st-time poster.

I wanted to talk about my 2 Flushmate toilets.

1) Kohler Barrington (K-3578). It was installed in 2019 in our basement utility room. Rear-outlet, attached directly to the main stack. It replaced a Saniflo toilet. I honestly thought it was a 1.6-Gallon until recently (it's 1.0-Gallon). No problems so far, I'm VERY pleased!

2) Kohler Highline Classic (K-3493). Installed in our upstairs bathroom on 05/08/2023. It replaced a Toto Drake Wahlet+ that wasn't installed properly (loose tank, also smells and stains around the base of the toilet which indicates the plumber probably didn't use a new wax ring). The flush is so powerful I think the air in the bathroom depressurizes! A Toto S500e bidet is installed on the Highline.

The Toto Drake Washlet+ was OK, but I have a family member that doesn't like to use the dryer on the bidet. The result was MORE toilet paper being flushed, and the Toto would occasionally clog.

As far as I'm concerned, the large water surface and powerful flush outweighs ANY disadvantages of Flushmates.

For anyone sensitive to noise, closing the lid helps. After hearing a foghorn-type sound from the Saniflo for 10 years, the Flushmate is actually an improvement!

Thanks for your time and attention.
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