Kitchen remodel, need advice on rough in and plumbing of sink/disposal

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I am remodeling a kitchen and will be taking an existing L-shaped peninsula and making it into a straight peninsula. The drain is run in a pony wall behind the sink. Attached is a picture of a pony wall when the house was built in 2005. Pony wall will be demolished, cabinets removed, a new pony wall built and new cabinets. The existing sink is a dual bowl 7.5" deep. This will be replaced with a single 10" deep sink with the drain on the right side of the sink. I have some questions:
1) The drain for the sink comes in horizontally, so lowering the drain will be very difficult. The existing drain is 16" from the floor. I read Terry usually sets his drain at 16" from the floor to accommodate 10" bowls. With the new 10" deep sink, if I keep the drain at 16", I believe the disposal drain will be ~ 1.5" above the wall drain which should be okay. Are there any things I should consider (disposal type, sink flange, etc) to ensure the disposal drain stays higher than the wall drain?
2) The existing plumbing under the sink (see attached photo) is 2" except for the last connection to sink and disposal which are 1.5". No trap adapter fitting. For the remodel this all gets ripped out. I am thinking of reducing the 2" to 1.5" immediately where it enters the cabinet and use a 1.5" trap adapter fitting. Does this sounds reasonable?
3) In terms of floor planning...the sink is a single bowl with the drain on the right side. When I rough in the drain, where is the best place to locate the drain in the pony wall? I can rough it in to come in the cabinet in middle, left or right. Seems like the right would be bad due to disposal and sink drain being on that side.


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Go more left as if it will be a double bowl sink. Kitchen faucets that have pull out sprayers from the main head use a long flexible hose and if the faucet is centered on the sink, the trap arm and drain will interfere with the hose. Some are little shorter or longer but the weight used always seem to hit the trap arm. The water lines also look very close to the center. Most of the time it may not be a problem but it makes it much easier to install the faucets with nothing in the way.

I've installed these type faucets in my own homes and both at my two son's home and each time the drain/trap arm is in the way so you have to wiggle a bit to make it work. Below is my own kitchen setup and I did the remodel plumbing myself. As you can see the weight is part way up when it should be lower to the bottom of the loop. The hose sits between the hot water stop valve and drain and it works OK. This is my opinion, others may respond differently.

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