Kinnetico Softener Questions - Tannin, Etc.

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  1. srssrs

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    Aug 24, 2009

    Recently inherited a Kinetico 60 system from a neighbor who switched from well water to city water. It sat idle for a number of years before I got it. I've disassembled & reassembled the head successfully. I had to purchase a new sight glass and a new brine well valve.

    My well water has 3 ppm iron, 7.5 ph, 14 gpg hardness, 500 ppm tds and contains tannin as well as a rotten egg smell. I am located in S.Florida and there are 2 adults in the household.

    I cleaned my resin bed with Pro Res Care prior to putting in service and will be using a drip feeder to add the cleaner to the brine tank.

    I have had it in service for about 2 weeks and it is doing a good job of softening & removing iron (using iron-out salt). I am using a carbon backwashing filter after the softener before entering my home. I have also installed a sediment filter just after my pump.

    I am getting a slight odor in my water that smells like tar when I first turn on a faucet. It seems to dissipate somewhat after running for awhile.

    Prior to instaliing the K unit I was using a standard 1 cu. ft. softener that is perhaps 10-20 years old with probably the original resins. After 5 years of use I noticed that I was getting iron staining in fixtures as well as a rotten egg smell even after replacing my filter carbon. I should tell you I was not using Tan-X or any other type of cleaner to maintain my resin. I am assuming after doing much reading on this forum, that my resin bed had become iron fouled.

    Since removing the old softener & replacing it with the K-60 the rotten egg smell is entirely gone, no fixture staining and much softer water.

    I have been considering adding a Filox filter or a chlorine system to oxidize the iron prior to softening but when I asked my local Kinnetico dealer yesterday, he told me that my K-60 would do a good job of removing my iron as long as I continued using the iron-out salt and added 1 lb. of Tan-X for each 40# of salt added. He said as long as I did that I should not have any problems with my bed fouling and that my unit was designed to remove my 3 ppm iron.

    I am retired and on a budget so of course if I do not have to purchase another filter or system to remove iron I would like not to. But water quality to keep my wife happy is extremely important and I don't want to foul my resin bed again.

    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Do you think the tar odor I am getting could be a residue from the previous owner (they also had tannin in their water)? Any thoughts on this as well? Sorry for the long post.

  2. srssrs

    srssrs New Member

    Aug 24, 2009
    Tan-X is a product commonly sold & used in FL. by Aqua Products International, Royal Palm Beach, FL. A white granular water softener cleaner product for removal of tannin, lime, iron & calcium deposits.

    Yes, I think there may have been a black residue in the inner pvc surface of the pipes. I also have copper tubing in my home. Is there a treatment I can do to clean my plumbing throughout my home?

    No freezing - I have a #3 disc.

    What system is necessary to use hydrogen peroxide? I did notice they sold that at my local Kinetico dealer?

    I also have a large Fiberglass tank aprox. 12"x55" with a distribution tube that I am not using - aprox. what might the volume be?
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  4. srssrs

    srssrs New Member

    Aug 24, 2009
    OK - Thanks.

    Regarding a #3 vs. a #4 disc. Are you saying that a #3 uses more salt than a #4 or that more brine is used during a regeneration cycle with a #3? Therefore, later when my system is stabilized, I may want to go to a #4 to save on salt costs. So do you normally base the disc # on the iron content or hardness of the raw well water?

    Aprox. what would be the initial cost of a peroxide system as well as ongoing supply costs?

    What are your thoughts on a backwashing Filox filter for my situation? That has also been suggested to me for iron & sulpher smell.
  5. srssrs

    srssrs New Member

    Aug 24, 2009
    How do you adjust salt in the brine drum? By adjusting the water level?

    So then I would have a compensated hardness of 23 (14gpg + 3 x 3 ppm iron) - correct? That would require a #4 disc instead of #3?

    What are your thoughts on a Filox? Thank you again........
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  6. srssrs

    srssrs New Member

    Aug 24, 2009
    Can anyone answer my last post? Thank you........
  7. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Aug 31, 2004
    Wherever I park the motorhome.
    Kinetico uses a float setting to adjust the salt dose, which adjusts the volume of water in the salt tank. So if you bought a new brine pickup including a float, it has to be set for the number of lbs of salt.

    You should never install a filter, or anything else that can block up, between a pump and its pressure switch.

    That would be 14 + (3*3=9)= 23 but I use 4 gpg per ppm of iron and some use 5.

    I've never used Filox but, bacteria loves to live and thrives in carbon/charcoal.
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