Kinetico Model 60 remote tank upper basket

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Hi All,
I have an old Kinetico Model 60 that I haven't had any serious issues that a quick cleaning of the head hasn't resolved. Lately, I have noticed more and more black powder looking stuff settling in the toilets that appears to be the same black stuff that appears on my carbon block filters, so knowing I haven't changed the resin in the 12 years I owned the house, and who knows how long prior to that, if ever, the previous owners changed it, I think the time is now.
To my question. When I removed the remote base, there was no upper distributor attached to it. The distributor tube was fine in addition to the lower distributor. So now I am confused. Should there be one on the upper side? If not, how is the resin not being removed during backwashing? I confirmed after putting it back together with the old resin, that it is not being drawn back out of the tank.
What am I missing here?

EDIT: I pulled the remote base again to take another look and even if I was to try to put a basket on it, I don't see any way it would even attach to the base.

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