Just had a visit from RainSoft...please review!!!

Discussion in 'Water Softener Forum, Questions and Answers' started by stockman20, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. stockman20

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    Hi all and thanks in advance for the advice,

    I'll start with what we currently have: GE whole house filter (one from Home Depot) installed before a GE GXSF30H cabinet softener. The softener is doing a pretty good job keeping up, as I regularly test the hardness and it is 2 GPG or lower and the unit recharges every 3-4 nights.

    We are on a private well. We have had the county test our water for coliform etc and it is safe to drink.

    We have an iron problem. Red stains in the toilets, washing machines, dish washer and tub. I do not know the numerical value of our iron. I also do not know if the staining is being caused by actual iron or "iron bacteria". The iron problem is the only reason I considered the free Test Kit from Home Depot.

    RainSoft (partnered with Home Depot) came out today and tested our water for hardness, TDS, and some test that visually showed the 'solids' in our water versus the water ran through his little sample filter. I bypassed the softener so that he could get a read on the actual well water. He found 20gpg hardness, over 700 TDS and showed me a sickening contrast of solids in our well water versus water after the RainSoft filter. (Later on I had him do that test again without our softener bypassed and the comparison was indiscernible.) RainSoft readily employed scare tactics and have me terrified of my water. He basically told me that he couldn't believe I was alive after drinking it. We currently draw drinking water from the tap (after the softener) and filter it through a simple PUR pitcher filter. It tastes okay. He said he didn't have the equipment to test for iron, but that their system would remove it.

    They recommended the GOLD package for us. This includes a twin tank setup: a EC4 water conditioner, and a QRS carbon(?) filter. They would also include a RO for the kitchen sink. They offered a lifetime warranty (non-transferable), the ability to transfer the product if we move to a different house and a seemingly lifetime supply of biodegradable soup. All for the low, low price of $5,600.

    I've had some local water treatment companies out and they have quoted me around $1500 installed for an iron filter, so this whole package from RainSoft seems like a ripoff.

    I request and welcome all comments.

    Thank you!
  2. Noyzee1

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    Sep 7, 2013
    I'm no expert, but I belive that you should get a second opinion. If you have that much iron in your water, then your softener's resin will get fouled if not cleaned regularly. I would think you need to get rid of that iron before hitting the softener. If the softener is working OK, then personally, I'd keep it. It shouldn't cost that much for an iron filter and RO at the sink...
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    The scare tactic thing should tell you not to do business with them. The cost is the other reason. Depending on the amount of iron, you may or may not need an iron filter. From what you said, I don't believe RainSoft was selling an iron filter. And for him not to be able to test for iron is BS. As Noyzee has said, you could keep the softener and install an iron filter. I would recommend that if you do keep the current softener, have it rebedded. You local company could do that.
  5. Mikey

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