Jacuzzi ERA BK37959 ADA toilet OK?

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by mjnelson99, May 5, 2007.

  1. mjnelson99

    mjnelson99 New Member

    May 5, 2007
    My landlord just purchased a Jacuzzi ERA BK37959 toilet from Lowe's. It was the cheapest ADA height toilet in this area and I was lucky that he was willing to get it. It will be replacing a VERY cheap American Standard that constantly clogs with solid matter.

    This particular Jacuzzi toilet gets an 800 MaP rating so I guess it can't be all bad.

    It will be installed on Monday after some major dry rot work in the bathroom.

    Terry, any feedback would be appreciated since I now have to live with this toilet. I figure it probably will be better than the AS it is replacing and is definitely higher so will be easier to use.
  2. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    800 MaP sounds good.
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  4. mjnelson99

    mjnelson99 New Member

    May 5, 2007
    Thanks, Terry

    800 MaP seemed good to me, too. Especially so since it is the lowest price.

    I only gave him copies to consider of those that were low priced and had good MaP ratings.

    I am glad he did not get the AS Champion that doesn't have parts locally or the Kohler that does not clean the bowl well after reading the posts here.

    Thanks, Terry.
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  5. mjnelson99

    mjnelson99 New Member

    May 5, 2007
    Jacuzzi BK37959 is working great

    The Jacuzzi BK37959 is a complete toilet that is 16 1/2 inches high and has a MaP (flush) rating of 800.
    It deserves it. I read on the web that Jacuzzi bought out Eljer.

    It took the guys all day to complete since there was major dry rot to handle first. The toilet is now installed and is working great.

    It is important to make sure the water supply pipe in the tank is properly positioned or there will be almost no water in the bowl. The guys did not have it mounted correctly and I moved the tube where it belonged. Once that was fixed there is a large amount of water in the bowl. That seems to assist with good flushing.

    Liquid flushes are quick, easy and complete. Normal flushing is complete even if there is an amount of solid matter to flush. So far there has been no need to hold the handle longer. Love this toilet. :)

    This toilet comes complete with almost everything needed including a nice seat. The only thing missing for a successful installation is the water supply tubing itself.

    This could be a great toilet for someone who has limited funds or even lots of funds. Setup and installation was pretty easy for the 2 guys working on the project.

    The local senior center has installed Toto toilets. I think the Jacuzzi works even better than those do.

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  6. Poupon

    Poupon New Member

    Feb 28, 2008
    shoddy, irreplaceable parts and surprisingly poor flushability

    We bought this toilet just over a year ago and initially liked it, but having spent months searching for a replacement hinge pin for the toilet seat, which broke within a few months, we're not at all happy! :mad:

    Of all places to save (literally) a few pennies, why did Jacuzzi choose the seat hinge? It's used several times daily, in our family of four (two bathrooms). We're not rambunctious, overweight, or otherwise toilet abusers, but the hinge broke. We've been unable to find replacements unless we replace the entire ( over 60.00) seat, and we already know how long the replacement will last!

    The toilet also is fussy about flushing, requiring us to hold the handle down until the flush is completed. Otherwise it often takes two flushes for liquids, and sometimes three for solids. :(
  7. Reader Review

    Reader Review Comments by readers

    Jan 2, 2006
    Emails and phone calls sent in by readers
    Jaccuzi Maxima toilet review

    I have a Jacuzzi elongated tall from Lowes around $200. I trusted the Jacuzzi name, but should have seen the warning sign when the "Jacuzzi" decal between the hinges disappeared a bit with each minor cleaning (with windex) until it was completely gone in a month. At first I noticed the casting was very poorly finished in places one would not normally see - below the rim, inside the tank, just everywhere you'd see if you look at the unit upside-down. No biggie, right? Well, I never realized how necessary the smooth glaze is to keeping the area under the rim clean - after a years' use (by only ONE person) it is now "dyed" a nice tan color and looks like a subway toilet, horribly stained despite many chemicals and scrubbing.
    Next, the tank to base gasket was a poor fit - it leaked- I even went back to lowes and checked the other one in stock to see if it came with the same gasket, thinking I may have got the wrong gasket but it was the same. . I called the 800# (the only good thing - got a real person who assured me that if I tightened it enough it would cure the leaking wobbly tank. I guess I put around 50 ft/lb on the two screws before my nerve gave out. Still wobbles , no leak.
    At first the tall height was nice until the first time a turd "splashed down" and washed - with startlingly high water quantity - my anus, scrotum and everything in between with ice cold toilet water. I still flinch every time I have a download that is not a nice, gentle soft-serve consistency. Br-r-r-r-r! Eskimo douche, anyone? No, thank you, "JACRAPPY", I am a MAN and don't need a bidet, but if you have hemorrhoids it might be just the thing to soothe the burning.
    The fill valve has begun to leak. I have installed enough toilets to know that a simple filter screen on the inlet can usually prevent this, but it is not included on the Jacrappy.
    The tank cover doesn't fit right, it's always shifting around, hitting the wall and making worrisome porcelain - on - porcelain noises if you lean back in the slightest.
    And YES the question you've been waiting for IT DOES CLOG FREQUENTLY, so much that I bought a new fancy plunger and color-coordinated pail to keep in the bathroom closet (wife loves that cause it's the most public pooper in the house
    Man I cannot believe I have this many complaints I think I'll email Jacuzzi to see what they say.
    Happy defecating!

    Thanks again,


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  8. pha

    pha New Member

    Mar 20, 2011
    I noticed Tom's comment: "Next, the tank to base gasket was a poor fit - it leaked". I am trying to install a Jacuzzi toilet for my neighbor, and I have this exact problem. I know it's the tank-to-base joint that's leaking because until I flush it, there is no leak whatsoever. When I flush it, a trickle of water falls on the floor behind the base. I tightened the wing nuts as much as I dared to . . but I don't know how far I can go without breaking something.

    From others' comments I suppose I cannot find a thicker gasket that will still have the hexagonal cutout to go around the big plastic nut on the bottom of the tank, so I was thinking of putting some silicone around the perimeter of the gasket, on the top & bottom, before assembling the tank to the base. Has anyone tried this, or do you have any other suggestions I can try?

    I can't believe I'm making a mistake in putting it together; there seems to be only one way to do it.

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