Is there a play book for this type of system? Please See Pics

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    KC SERVICES New Member

    Apr 2, 2012
    Acme, MI
    IMG_0440.jpg IMG_0441.jpg

    Thank You in advance for any help

    I have the original well permit. Well was set in 1990
    It has a 2" X 42" Screen at 98' - 102' in "water producing sand"
    Geologically the whole region is mostly sandy loam.

    It had a 2 pipe adapter (1 pipe inside another) with a jet pump in a pit attached to the house.
    There are problems with the two pipes coming into the pit. So I believe the adapter needs to be changed at the very least.
    I suspect that the pipe assembly going down to the screen will need replacement also.

    My thought was pull the whole thing and re install with fresh screen, drop pipe, adapter, and pump for a few years of service.
    Then have a new larger well drilled.

    So I removed the casing cap, but while removing it the casing itself was turning. (Maybe just an extension?)
    Then when I got the cap off I found this three set screw deal, which is not what I expected per all the vids on utoooobe

    Anyway, I made a 'T' assembly, loosed the set screws and attempted to lift the thing.
    While it would jiggle and rotate, I was unable to get it to raise at all. I tapped upwards with a maul and levered the lifting, with no movement.

    Does this setup need to have the pitless adapter pipes unscrewed and removed before the rest can be raised?

    The well has been dormant for 2 yrs
    (It is a recently acquired low end rural previous rental property)

    I am trying to get some water going while I live in and restore the property.

    Thank You for any help.
  2. Texas Wellman

    Texas Wellman In the Trades

    Feb 9, 2010
    Owner of a Water Well and Pump Repair Business
    SE Texas-Coastal
    I got nothing, but post up what you find out.

    Good luck.
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  4. Lake Orion Mark

    Lake Orion Mark New Member

    Sep 26, 2013
    Lake Orion MI
    What was the outcome??

    The picture looks exactly like mine with same problem

  5. VAWellDriller

    VAWellDriller Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    Mud rotary well driller, pump installer
    Richmond, VA
    looks just like the hold down piece of a spool type pitless unit.....should just have to loosen the three bolt as you did, and lift.....I think you're doing right, just need to pull harder.
  6. masterpumpman

    masterpumpman New Member

    Mar 26, 2007
    Consult and Teach Well Drilling Internationally
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Rather than guessing, I suggest that you call Cluff Well Drilling Co; 6410 Center Rd, Traverse City, MI; (231) 946-4769. They have been around a long time and they may advise you over the phone without charging you. Tell them Porky in Virginia recommended you to call them.
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