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    What you have here is an irrigation pump that do not come with a pressure switches. The pressure tank is really acting as a expansion tank more than a pressure tank. The pressure switch was added so you can use spigots and garden hoses. As you opened the hose the pressure drops and turns on the pump. If the pump puts out more water than a garden hose the excess water will start to pressurize the tank. If you suddenly shut the water off with the garden nozzle, the pressure has somewhere to go. It just puts less stress on the system by not having or very little water hammer.

    The pressure on the 5/8" hose may seem low because the pump is working to build or keep pressure to the tank.

    I have to say that my father and I around 1964 (I was 14) pounded a well in our basement floor on Long Island NY. 2" galvanized pipe with a ramming collar. You start with a 3' point and ram it into the ground with about a 30 lb hunk of steel. It had a rod extending out of it that went into the pipe. This prevented it from slipping off the pipe. You lifted it about a foot then push or pulled it down on to the pipe. We went down 23 feet and took about three hours. A great work out when your full of testosterone at 14. From the picture, the coupler on the pipe right out of the ground is a ramming collar. There are no threads about 1/4" from the edge so pounding it doesn't distort the threads.

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