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Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by devans175, Mar 27, 2007.

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    Sep 18, 2006
    I just moved into a new house (new to me, it was actually built in 1959). I have some concerns about the insulation and attic space. Can anyone give me a little advice or direct me to where I might find answers?

    1. The exterior of the house is brick. The interior is plaster. There is no insulation in the studs in between. Is this common and what R value do you suppose I'm getting. Would it be worth the cost and mess of having the walls insulated? The walls really didn't seem very cold this winter...

    2. When the previous owners elected to put up vinyl soffit, I don't think they cut holes in the old soffit, which means the vent holes in the vinyl sofit aren't doing anything. The house has a brand new roof and a ridge vent. I did notice that the snow on my roof melted much more quickly than my neighbor's this winter. Would it be worth the trouble to try to slide the soffit asside and drill some holes for ventilation? The house is a rancher, so it wouldn't be extremly difficult to get to the soffit. The attic appears to be well insulated.
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    There is no question that insulating the walls would be a good idea. Just how much would depend on the climate area where your are, but insulation will reduce heat loss in the winter and help keep you house cooler in the summer. Insulation is one job where it really pays to have the pros do it. Several years ago I built a large garage/shop. I insulated the walls myself before I drywalled, but I wanted to blow insulation into the attic. I found that the local insulation company would supply the insulation and two men to handle the blower and hose for the same price as Home Depot's cost for the insulation and free use of their blower. I would still have to have an assistant and do the work. They can also advise you one what needs to be done to the soffits and likely do what needs to be done for a surprisingly low cost.
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