Installing 2 "residential water heaters" Help!

Discussion in 'Water Heater Forum, Tanks' started by bony ago, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. bony ago

    bony ago New Member

    Oct 19, 2018
    i am changing 2 residential solar water heater.

    how will i connect both of the solar water heater?
    any diagram?

    do i need to plug-in electrical both of the water heater.(the existing is only one water heater is plug in)
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    if you were wise you ought to send more pictures....

    the best way to do a couple of electric heaters
    would be to do them in SERIES .... going into the first one then out and into the second one and out to
    the home... Parallell is a pain in the ass and it never draw correctly....

    the first unit should be for the solar side which would pre-heat the water
    and it would feed into the second unit which would flow to the house.....

    I would suggest that power should go to the second unit that goes to the house
    and using the first unit for the solar side of the system

    if you have two solar heaters I would assume you are doing some sort of pump to move
    the solar panel water through the units... it would just be a simple matter of everything
    in SERIES pumping from tank #1 into tank # 2 then back to the panels... The same for the
    potable water from the cold inlet on tank #1 out the hot side and into the cold inlet on tank # 2
    then out the hot side to the home.......

    I would get the larger thermal expansion tank for this set up.....
    The power is only needed for stand by and should be on tank #2.....
    you will probably get a shitload of hot water and it probably will
    never come on except on stromy days...

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