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I know you guys have been asked this a million times....but.. I've been told that I should add an Indirect water heater to my boiler. Right now the boiler heats domestic and cast iron base boards. I've been shutting it off after showers in the am and then again before bed.
It's just the wife and myself. I was told to get a Vaughn S50TPP. I ran some searches on "best indirect water heaters" and Vaughn never comes up. I am plumbing handicapped. Unfortunately I look to others to pick the best.
We are in the process of adding solar which I'm told should handle 84% of our electric needs. I'd rather use the sun than oil.
Without turning the furnace off and on manually the thing runs day and night off and on.
Here is a picture of my setup now Thanks for any help picking the best (for me).



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If your boiler is capable of cold starts, using it to heat an indirect is not too expensive and you don't have much of any standby losses. Next best is if it's standby temp can be set back, and it gets up to full temp when the indirect calls for heat. Keeping the boiler hot constantly is not all that efficient. A good indirect tends to have a lot of insulation. I had my old boiler go out late on a Friday...I didn't want to pay to get it fixed over the weekend. By taking short showers, I was still taking warm showers on Monday where I was able to order the required part, and had it on Tuesday before I had it all working again. Depending on your electric rates, if you're lucky, an electric tank might work out for you.
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