Improper Seal Installation?

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by hom1, Jun 4, 2005.

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    Jun 4, 2005
    Late last year, my bathroom was flooded due to leakage from the bottom of my toilet. The leakage occurred after I flushed the toilet and there was a blockage resulting in the water rising in the bowl. The blockage did not affect any other drains in the house, and was apparently minor because it was easily eliminated with a plunger. The water did not overflow the top of the bowl, but flowed out the bottom. After eliminating the problem there was no leakage after flushing the toilet.

    Believing that the seal at the bottom of the toilet was broken, I had a plumber reset the toilet in January. In May, the problem recurred the same as before and the floor was again flooded. I recalled the same plumber, who checked it out and found the seal to be in order as no leakage occurred after flushing. He said the flooding could be the result of a blockage in the line downstream of the toilet, causing the water to backup and pass out through the joint between the toilet and the waste pipe. He said even if the seal is intact it would not prevent leakage from a backup due to a line obstruction. This sounds fishy to me. Can leakage occur at the bottom of a toilet whose seal is intact when there is a line obstruction and the toilet is flushed?
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    yes it can and will

    that seal is just sinthetic wax.....

    its made to keep water passing by it not to leak out as it rushes by.....

    when the line is full to the top of the bowl,
    the water will find a way to seep out wherever it can....
    because of the weight of the water is equal to some pressure.

    the seal is not made to hold water back for long amounts of time.

    get your sewer line cleaned out and
    get more fiber in your diet too.
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    When everything is working properly, toilet could be set without a seal and it would not leak. Most seals will hold against the backpressure of a stoppage, but since wax does not "rebound" once it is compressed, if the toilet can move it will compress the wax and then leave a void when it shifts to a different position. Most stoppages that cause a leak at the floor cannot be properly cleared with a plunger.
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