Identifying 2.5" black pipe

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    Greetings all,

    I need to identify the material of a pipe that was installed probably 40 years ago at our family cottage, possibly as a DIY at the time. It carries waste from a small sewage holding tank up to a larger septic tank that is periodically pumped out. The pipe is mostly buried, but last winter cracked (somehow a large rock rolled on top of it).

    I had to cut away the damaged part, and now need to buy a short length that I can patch into the pipe, but I don't know what the original pipe material is to match it.

    The pipe has no exterior markings. It seems very slightly softer and more bendy than modern ABS. It measures 2.5 inches outside diameter. As you can see below, the material is soft enough to be marred on the exterior.

    Any ideas?

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    It is probably polypropylene, but, regardless of its material as "flexible" as it is it was a bad choice to use for a drain line.
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