I need help to supply two houses from one well

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    Sep 9, 2015
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    My wife and I have moved a double wide mobile home onto our daughter and son-in-law's property. My son-in-law wants me to separate our water supply from his. At the moment our supply is drawing water from his 2500 gal reserve tank. Their home is about 200' above us on a hill so gravity feed to us is no problem. The issue is that when we use water, it depletes his tank and so he wants us to separate the main feed line from the well into our own 2500 reserve tank. I need to know the best way to supply both houses. I already split the line and installed a ball valve on each 1-1/4" pipe but this caused problems due to sediment clogging the valves. I need to be able to fill my tank without filling his on the hill and vice-versa. Any suggestions? I'm also trying to figure out the pumping system on my end to get the water from the tank to the house. I've had some very high estimates on having the pump system designed and installed so I'm trying to reduce my costs by doing this myself.
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    Place your storage tank next to his. With the 200' elevation you won't need a pump. Overflow his tank into yours and put the flow switch in your tank. That way his tank will always be full before you get any water. As long as the well can supply enough water both tanks will stay full.
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    northfork, california
    Of course. Do that - and why not use the one tank? Is the well so slow? you would probably need a pressure regulator, not a pump that way.

    Resist the pump guys - you can figure this out if you give better data on your situation and tanks and pump situation. If you are in Clovis, where in hell did you find a 200' hill? You are a flatlander there. Must be in Oakhurst or near... and what's with the sediment? pretty hard to clog a big ballvalve.
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