Hydronic heating loops, branch circuits

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    Old house, retrofitted years ago to hot water baseboard. Single circulator, two main loops out of the furnace, split at a "Y". a branch per room (or perhaps radiator, did not check recently). Each branch starts off with a simple T and returns to an oddball T which must be a venturi type thing to create the flow though each branch. Pictures attached.

    Never liked this setup as the main loops apparently were laid out for the convenience of the installer, as some branches off either loop go to the first floor, some to the second. This confounds my desire to create two zones, one for each floor.

    So, my thought is, while I am revamping, to rip out all or most, of the old copper and replace it with pex amd and a couple of Taco circulators and controls.

    I was wondering if there are pex equivalents to these flow devices, if I should cut them out and use pex/copper transition fittings, or abandon those entirely and choose some other layout?

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