How to remove compression ring from CPVC

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I had a plumber install rough-ins for a sink and dishwasher. He was going to hookup a dishwasher but their was a problem with the dishwasher, so he just installed the shutoff valves. I got a new dishwasher a few days later and when I went to install it, I noticed he only installed a single shutoff valve for the hot water supply, so there is nowhere to connect the dishwasher inlet hose. My plan was to remove his shutoff and add some plumbing so I can have a shutoff for the faucet and a shutoff for the dishwasher. The problem is that I cannot get the copper compression ring off of the cpvc. I also cannot cut the pipe because the stub is so short that all I can see is the collar against the back of the cabinet and the nut right over the ring; there is maybe an 1/8” or so of cpvc at the end of the stub. I tried using an adapter to reuse his compression, but that leaked enough to make me think the threading is slightly different (even with Teflon). In order to allow for my main water to be turned back, I reinstalled his valve. Now that has a very slow leak, but doesn’t seem to drip out - just you can get water when you touch near the nut (this is the third time it’s been taken off and replaced, so I’m thinking the integrity of the ring has been compromised).

Ultimately, I just need to remove this ring but I cannot figure out a way. I tried a sleeve puller but the part that goes into the pipe won’t go into the cpvc as I guess the diameter of the opening is slightly smaller than copper, which the puller is made for. I also cannot grasp the ring with anything because it’s basically covered by the nut due to the shirt length of the stub.

Hoping there is some solution out there - thanks!


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Easy solution is a tee that has a female compression port and two males. is similar, but adds another valve. You need one that says "Fem." or female.

There are variants. See tee
You need one that says "Fem. Comp."
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