how to install a dishwasher in kitchen-ugrent help

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    Sep 21, 2005

    I've got a space in the kitchen for a dishwasher right next to the sink. I have 2 TAPS for the dishwasher(HOT AND COLD).But I don't have a DRAIN for the water in the dishwasher to go OUT. Someone said because I have a WASTE DISPOSAL in the sink(chuck food scraps in there to get grinded down and then goes down the pips), the dishwasher can be connected to the Waste disposal unit. Is this true?

    What would have to be done to connect it to the waste disposal unit and how long would it take a dishwasher installer to do and how approx. would it cost?
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    Aug 17, 2004
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    It would look something like this
    This is plumbed UPC style, with a airgap on the drain before it connects to the disposal.
    The dishwasher uses hot water.
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    Most all disposal units have a nub sticking out of them. They have a plug in them so if you don't connect a dishwasher's drain hose, they don't leak. To install the drain hose from the dishwasher, you knock out the plug, then using a hose clamp attach the hose to the disposer. If you town doesn't require an air gap, you run the hose up to the bottom of the countertop, then back down to the disposal connection; otherwise, you connect the hose to the air gap as shown in the drawing, then to the disposer. You run the hot water connection from wherever you can (a separate shutoff is a very good thing). This is almost always done with flexible pipe so you can pull the thing out to service/replace it. Then, you typically need a dedicated electrical 110vac circuit to supply the dishwasher. It will work potentially off of another shared circuit, but depending on the model's features, it usually specifies a dedicated circuit. This is especially true of those that will heat the water, if the incoming water is not hot enough to provide a good santitizing water temp.
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