How to filter and direct e-mails to another folder other than INBOX with GMAIL.

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It took me a search on GMAIL help forum to get part of the answer. It's all hidden in the search bar and it took a few times to get it right. I attached pictures to step through through the process. It is just amazing that GMAIL just doesn't add a tab to reroute email.

1) To create a new folder, click on GMAIL, click on the three dots, at the bottom click on "Add sublabel". Name it Terry Love or any other name.
2) In the Search box type in Terry Love and press ENTER, you'll see a list of all emails from Terry Love.
3) Click on Advance Search, then click on "Create filter", Check off boxes as wanted, be sure to select the new folder.
4) The last box (optional) will search all folders on your search criteria and add them to the new folder except trash and spam folders.

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