How to determine if basement drains can be filled in?

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    Eighteen months ago I purchased a house built in 1947 that was gutted and completely remodeled in 2009. I have a french drain around the perimeter of the home and have a sump pump in the basement with what appears to be a single cleanout in the floor. There is also modern plumbing in the basement (sink and toilet), along with a roughed in shower drain. The basement is ~1000 sq ft.

    In the storage room in the basement I have three old drains/holes that seem to have been rendered useless long ago. I would like to level the concrete in my storage room so I am trying to determine if I can simply fill in these drains with concrete. I fished a tape down each drain and found that they all seemed to be mostly clogged with dirt. I then poured about half a gallon of water in each hole one by one and determined that water flows very slowly between the three drains. It took about two gallons of water to fill them up to the concrete surface and the water appears to just be slowly seeping into the ground beneath the concrete. Here's a pic of the drains.

    My assumption is that these drains are no longer functional or necessary. Does that seem like a sound assumption? What else should I do before I fill them in? My main reason to fill them in is that there's a good sized depression around the one at the top of the pic that you could roll your ankle on. I want the floor to be flat so I can epoxy it, but I don't know of a good way to attach a drain with a strainer to one of these things. Since they don't seem to function, I'm not sure what benefit that would provide anyway. It would be easier to fill them.

    Any advice?
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