How to build a neo angle shape tile shower

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    I want to remove a prefab neo-angle shower and build a tile shower. The problem is I am confused about how to approach the floor tiling because the sub-floor is concrete and every tutorials and articles I have read describe the process assuming a wooden subfloor. So far the below procedure is what I have come to understand to do for a concrete sub-floors. Is this correct? If this is correct, what is binding the pre-slope mortar to the membrane? Should step 3 be step 2? our advise and help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Build the shower curb using bricks, pressure treated 2x4's and/or pavers
    2. Lay down a leak protection membrane using thinset cement to bind the membrane to the cement floor (the membrane has to go at least 9 inches up the wall and over the shower curb)
    3. Build a pre-slope layer with lightly damp motar with a pitch of 1/4 for every foot.
    4. Wait 24 hours for the Matar to harden
    5. Tile and grout
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    You interchange # 2 and # 3. The preslope goes on top of the concrete and the liner goes over that so any leakage will drain to the weep holes in the shower drain.
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    There are numerous ways to build a shower that will work all discussed in the TCNA handbook that gets updated annually. That's the industry bible.

    A conventional shower would have a preslope, liner, setting bed, then tile.

    You don't really want to use pressure treated wood unless it is stamped KDAT (kiln dried after treatment), otherwise, it tends to warp and twist as it eventually dries out. Over a wooden subfloor, regular lumber works. Over a slab, bricks or pavers are your better choice if you don't use one of the foam curbs.

    There are waterproofing methods that use a tileable sheet membrane that gets applied over what would be the preslope of a shower using conventional methods. That is my preference, but any method shown in the TCNA handbook works IF you follow the procedure and have good workmanship.

    To see an example of one of my preferred methods, check out a Kerdi shower on

    To waterproof the angled curb with a conventional liner will be tough, but doable. It will be easier with a sheet membrane. An advantage of a sheet membrane is that the entire shower becomes waterproof rather than just water resistant (the pan is waterproof if done right, but the walls on a conventional shower are only water resistant).
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