How re-program new to me 1 cubic ft Clack based water softenerr

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  1. Yeti

    Yeti New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
    AB, Canada
    Hello - Just moved into a house with a new Clack WS1 water softener in it (replaced just prior to selling).
    No information with it just a basic Clack manual. We're in the middle of Small-town-nowhere-Canada, and apparently the fella that sold the unit recently (very) passed away and whoever took over has gone back to Fleck/Autotrol controllers.

    So, I called the distributor of the product, and it's the first of their Clack models sold in western Canada, and the guys out here have never seen one and couldn't help.

    Previous owners were a family of 3, we're just a family of 2, he had never fully installed it so I can't even use his values (which I'm guessing are likely not right for our use)

    • Softener is a 1cu ft (~32000 grain) model
    • on city water
    • water hardness is 11-13 grains
    • 2 people in the house, below average water use (~50gal/day based on water bill)
    • 2 bathrooms, washing machine, dishwasher

    It's looking like we would be running a low salt dose, but I'm a little lost on that. I'd prefer not to sell the softener and get a smaller if at all possible as we don't plan on staying here for a long time.

    Any insight/suggestions on programming would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Yeti

    Yeti New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
    AB, Canada
    update: Just did some calculations based on Service flow rates and salt dose (based on info from Slusser's site)

    Looks like this unit more than covers us in flow rates, and I calculate out a salt dose of 4 lbs/cuft....this sounding right? Anything else I need to be aware of before I try and program this unit?

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  4. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Aug 31, 2004
    Wherever I park the motorhome.
    Program based on the sizing page on my site using 2 people and 60 gals/person, 13 gpg plus 4 times any iron and the salt dose for whatever K of capacity based on an 8 day service run that you come up with at 3333 grains/gal and enjoy.

    There is only one model of a Clack WS-1; circuit boards have been changed to add more features but everything else is the original design for over 10 years; since it was put on the market.
  5. Yeti

    Yeti New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
    AB, Canada
    Thanks. Given the calc on your page and our usage etc I come up with the following program:

    normal + 0
    8 days

    Look reasonable?
  6. stulew

    stulew New Member

    Feb 2, 2011
    i have same water sofener from Gary Slusser. Read:

    Let me know if this isn't enough info; he gave me some setup instructions.

    "Rather than attach the Clack WS-1 OEM/Dealer manual, a 4.6 meg pdf file, go
    to and click on Water Treatment, then click Control Valve
    then click on the WS-1 picture and then the Manual for the WS-1&1.25 and
    print pages 16-19. That's the OEM General Instructions and Softener System
    Setup Detail Reference etc... Put/save those pages in the service manual
    that comes with the control valve.

    In the Master Programming (to enter, directions are in Step 1S), Press the
    NEXT and the Down arrow buttons together for three seconds. Press the Next
    button to move to the next step/position. Press the Regen button to move
    backwards. You program your capacity (in Step 3S) and the salt dose (Step
    4S) using the chart below for your size softener or, the capacity that I
    told you your salt dose in lbs. will generate. Then in Step 5 Normal. Then
    set Step 6S to AUTO. Change Step 7S to PrE for Clack's variable reserve BUT,
    DO NOT put the control into brine Fill as per the last step in the
    assembly/installation of the softener. DO ADD the 3-4 gallons of water to
    the brine tank mentioned in the assembly/installation instructions prior to
    that step and follow the instructions to determine if the Fill water will
    stop at least 1" above the salt grid. Then Step 8S is dn. Then Step 9S is
    (both) normal on 0. That's all you do in the Master programming. You can
    read the description of these settings on page 18 of the OEM manual. Then
    with the C-Series manual, set your hardness and calendar over ride for 8
    days or 4 days depending on your iron content.

    If you do not print and save pages 16-19 of the OEM/Dealer manual, you may
    not be able to get them later if needed or be able to remember how to enter
    the Master programming mode in the future. Hint the back of that
    manual is a lot of goodies that techies should love."

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