Hot water tank - How to pump water from pan to sink

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    I am replacing my hot water tank after 15 years. I want to install a collection pan under the new tank to collect any leaks. My basement does not have floor drains and none can be added. Instead I want to place a pump in the pan that will be activated by water filling the pan. The pump would pump the water horizontally around the basement wall to the other side of the basement where the laundry sink is located, then vertically up 4 feet to drop the water into the sink. See the diagram.
    (1) Is this the wrong approach? If so, what else should I do?
    (2) What type of pump can I place in the pan under the tank?
    (3) what type of pipe (PVC? other?) should I use to pump the water from the pan to the sink?

    Thank you.

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    Any pump which would fit into the pan would NOT operate before the pan overflowed. Raise the water heater and pan, then connect the pan's drain line into the pump's inlet opening. When the pump chamber fills, it will turn on and pump the water out. The distance from the pump to the sink and the height of the discharge are irrelevent.
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