Hot water only in new house

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    A hot limit stop on the stem does NOT qualify as anti-scald. However, the spool in there is a balancing spool.

    UPC is not a brand name. It is the code seal of approval from IAPMO. There are NEVER any repair kits for this type of cartrigde. You need to buy a new cartridge.
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    Jan 10, 2013
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    San Diego- Lived there and in La Jolla for 50 years and retired back to Oklahoma in 2007. Sad that this cartridge has no brand name but I did find a replacement as mentioned. The vendor in New York is closed on weekends so I will contact them next week. It pains me to have to buy a whole new cartridge when the only issue is that one seal. I was on my feet all day yesterday and will have a look with a mirror tomorrow. Thanks so much for clarifying the brand issue.

    I tend to understand that the piston that floats back and forth is some sort of anti-scald device which is supposed to shut down hot flow if cold pressure suddenly drops. I do understand that the limit stop on the front of the unit is simply a maximum hot setting device. Thanks again Jimbo. My kids are all in SD and they have children and grand-children and I miss them a lot but we had to retire here because of the cost of living.
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