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Question from main panel to spa panel.

Since romex can't be run outside, I would like to run UF-B cable from my breaker panel to the spa ground fault panel through my attic. The spa panel will be on my Exterior brick wall and short vertical conduit from spa panel will be stubed up in the attic. UF-B has a uninsulated ground. I understand an insulated green ground is required but Is the requirement for an insulated ground only from the spa panel to the hot tub?

I would also like to run the UF-B in conduit from Spa Panel to Spa but I understand that is not allowed. Did i read the code wrong?


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Let's see, looks like OH uses the 2023 NEC per I'm not super familiar with Article 680 on pools and spas but 2023 NEC 680.7(A) says "Feeders and branch circuits installed in a corrosive environment or wet location shall contain an EGC that is an insulated copper conductor sized in accordance with Table 250.122, but not smaller than 12 AWG."

So you can use UF-B in your attic, but not outside the house, as that would be a wet location. You'd need to install a junction box where the feeder or branch circuit emerges from the house and switch over to a wiring method with an insulated EGC. No UF in the "short vertical conduit from span panel (that) will be stubbed up in the attic."

UF is a bear to pull through PVC anyway, so using individual conductors in PVC is a better idea.

Cheers, Wayne
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