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    Nov 19, 2019
    Hello, I did a search and all I could find is older threads so I hope you don't mind I started one.

    I am remodeling two bathrooms. The master will have one shower with two valves and two shower heads (no sprays, or rainhead, etc), one toilet and two lavs. The other bath will have one tub/shower, one toilet and one lav. This bath will also have a washing machine.

    I am thinking that I will run 3/4" Pex off the water heater about 12' to a manifold with 7 outlets. Run 1/2" pex to each hot. Those runs will be from as close as 5' to approx. 12'(master shower).

    For the cold, I could do the same, but was thinking I would just use a trunk and branch to feed all the cold sides with 1/2" Pex.

    Do you see any issues with this or do you have suggestions on how to make it better? I don't mind investing a little more time and money to optimize the system. Thanks.
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