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East Bumfuk, Mississippi
Not sure if it's required but I thought I should post an intro.

I am a service plumber, I occasionally get sent to newcon when there's a time crunch or to fix something that another guy did but they have since moved to another jobsite. The company I work for is quite large and has been around for a long time. We do mostly residential and institutional work. Most of our newcon is over 5,000sq ft. houses. Most of the plumbing I work on is quite old. I can do all sorts of plumbing but my specialty at our company is drain snaking and wastewater. How much of that type of work I do varies through the year from 5hrs to 50hrs.

I decided to check out this forum because it seemed friendly. I belong to a couple others but they either have few members or they bring politics into it.

Jeff H Young

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Hey I seen you both over there! Well this site mostly about helping homeowners but differant sections Terry a very knowlegegable guy and actualy some pretty sharp hobbyists on here too. Ive enjoyed other sites and do enjoy a joke or laugh here and there . but 2 other sites Ive been on are or have been kind of dying and then one of them just not much on there to my interest anymore . but I have enjoyed I wouldnt say everyone overly freindly but not real rude either and language always clean so Im good with that. Ive run the gamit of almost everything plumbing beside drain clearing Im pretty amaturish at that aspect. Welcome !
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