Help needed with Toilet selection and spacing from wall

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    This might sound strange but here goes ... I am putting a doggie door in a bathroom on a wall right next to a toilet. Because of the doggie door we are installing ... I need space between the wall and the toilet next to the doggie door. I need there to be 2.75" - 3" of space to allow for the doggie door and in order to be able to slide in the plastic which keeps unwanted animals from entering. I have a standard 12" rough in ... so my thinking was I can purchase any 10" rough in toilet to gain at least 2" ... and then I just need to purchase a toilet that provides another 3/4 - 1" of clearance. Is my thinking correct? Does anyone have any ideas on what 10" rough in toilet I can buy that will give me the almost 3" I need (think I am ok with 2.75") and is still a quality toilet? I am leaning towards a Toto Drake, 10-inch or an American Standard Cadet 3, 10-inch.
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    You are talking about putting the doggie door on the same wall against which the toilet tank would rest?

    If so, yes your thinking is correct that a 10" rough-in toilet would give you another two inches between the wall and toilet.

    You can use a Toto Drake 10", which would give you between 3/4" and 1-1/8" behind the toilet to begin with, then add 2". The Drake is a high-quality, highly-praised toilet that flushes well and is sturdy and well-made. I have two, and love them.

    You could also use any of the Toto toilets that use the "unifit" adapter, and purchase a unifit for a 10" rough-in, which would pull the thing off the wall 2". All of those are more expensive than the original Drake (whose model number is CST744EF.10 at 1.28gpf or CST744SF.10 at 1.6gpf. The "F" in the model number means it is a Universal Height (like ADA height) toilet.) And don't be confused between CST744EF#10 (the "#" denoting color) and CST744EF.10 (the "." denoting rough-in size, which would be followed by a # and the color number, e.g. CST744SF.10#03).

    The Toto toilets that work with that Toto Unifit Adapter are:

    Carlyle II
    Carolina II
    Eco Guinevere
    Eco Lloyd
    Eco Soiree
    Vespin II

    They are generally available for 30-40 percent off list price, so don't be scared by the list price if you go to the Toto web site to look them up, but they are more expensive than the original Drake, which is a wonderful toilet and a great bargain at about $240.
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