help for house reno, any informed opinion about toto legato? vs aquia

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by colleenyee, Jan 17, 2014.

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    hi i have been referencing your blog for a while trying to decide about which toilet to choose for our house renovation. I had read you really like the ultramax II but i was hoping to find something more modern looking with a closed skirt. I had read the carlyle II is closed skirted version of the ultramax II but i liked the more modern look front profile like the aquia or maris or nexus. I had just recently decided to go with the maris because of the double cyclone but was told it was on backorder(17 weeks) which brought me back here. Today a senior member posted on another lady's thread about closed skirt models that he thought the maris was being phased out and thought the aquia would be a better choice behind the vespin and carlyle II's. uuuggghhhh

    The style i haven't heard your informed opinions on is the legato(aimes). The model ms624214cefg has the double cyclone flush which i thought was the best. Where would this toilet rate against the aquia? I would have thought that the Gmax nexus, the double cyclone maris and the double cyclone legato would beat the aquia but none of those are on your list?

    anyway we are planning on using TOTO 300e bidet seats for the ensuite. The website mentions that the two piece toilets need an adaptor this visible standing in front looking directly on or from the right side?

    thanks again for your help... please shoot me if i ever decide to renovate again
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    Can't help about how the bidet seat looks on the Legato. Plainly it won't look as integrated as, say, something like the G500, Model No. MS970CEMFG, which is only gonna be, say, $200-300 more than the sum of the price of the Legato and your S300e Washlet, depending upon where you buy it. It's a Washlet with an integrated toilet. (It's not a Neorest; it's available at a significantly-lower price point than the Neorest.) Just a thought.

    Here's the spec sheet on the G500. Note that it does have the double-cyclone, the dual-flush, the universal height, and Sanagloss, kind of like the Maris did. And the G500 will say "Hello" by raising its seat for you when you walk near it to use it. Here's the spec sheet:

    Note -- very important -- that unlike most Toto toilets, which have at least 3/4" clearance between the toilet and the wall and so will fit if the centerline of your toilet flange is located a little less than the full 12" from the wall, the G500 requires the full 12", and basically is going to be right against the finished wall.

    As to the Aquia, it's a great toilet that almost all of its purchasers love. The Legato doesn't have a lot of ink on any of the forums or review sites that I have seen, but there's no reason to believe that it won't flush well, like any of the Toto toilets (other than the sub-$200 "builder-grade" ones with the 2" flush valves that Terry doesn't even sell).
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