Hansgrohe Handheld setup

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    Oct 15, 2008
    Can anyone provide an opinion on this setup for a shower only area. Looking to have just a handheld on a shower bar, no other showerhead, no tub, no body sprays. Is the Hansgrohe thermostatic valve decent? What is the NPT connection referred to in their literature. I've got 1/2 inc copper supply:
    0603 trim (cross handle, temp and volume control in one)
    0622 rough in (that's the valve?)
    13591 extension kit (one site said it's required but I don't know what it does)
    06494 Chroma E Slidebar and showerhead

    I'm interested in knowing if the valve is a good one and what the repair history is on Hansgrohe. Pretty is good but not if there's a decent chance I'd have to re-do this in just a few years.

    Thanks for any help and Happy New Year.
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