Green sand from iron filter clogs h2o softner during regen

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Solved my pressure problem with the low pressure switch, but after finding green sand in toilet tanks, faucets, etc I discovered my water softner was completely clogged to the point where it didn't work anymore. I installed an inexpensive see through particle filter between the iron filter and water softner and cleaned out the water softner enough to watch what happens. During the water softner backflush green sand is flushing out of the iron filter in huge amounts. This doesn't seem right at all. Don't the Iron filters have a basket or screen to prevent this? It's less than 2 years old and was installed just before we moved in. The water softner has never really worked well, but it's very old so I assumed it needed replacing, but of course I can't see through pipes to see how clogged everything is. Before I take the next step to figure out why I'm loosing green sand I'm looking for your expert thoughts.
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