Gray water from washing machine

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    Apr 30, 2007
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    Don't know if anyone can help BUT!... I am trying to figure out our washing machine drain. It is attached to a pipe that uses the set tub drain, then out through the wall into the earth(?) (not going to the septic tank) Another pipe runs up the wall and out and runs along the ground under the verandah,and finally up along side a rain gutter! Would this be an air vent? This pipe seems to be disconnected at two places.
    Recently the tub has been draining VERY slowly, probably due to lint... as there is no lint filter... yet.
    Should I abandon this gray water system and have it pumped to the septic tank? Is the gray water clog a lost cause? Is it a clog? Sheesh.. long post
    I have pictures to make this more enjoyable!
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