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    Jun 17, 2015
    I have been getting town water trucked in for a few years, but decided to give fracking a try on my 6yo 240' well that only produced 0.1 gpm of highly mineralized water. The fracker worked on the top portion of the well and within about 30 min of finishing, told me the well now produced 2 gpm of clear fresh water. I thought my water troubles were over. Trouble is, only days later--with me doing multiple drawdown tests for different durations--the well is back to 0.1 gpm (1" of recovery per minute) of bad water. Does fracking tend to produce temporary good results in slow wells?
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    I don't think anyone could know the well was making 2 GPM without spending more time than 30 minutes.
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    The best way to frac is with 2 packers so you can control where the water goes. Stage Fracing with one packer does not give you that control.

    No one can tell you what the well makes after 30 minutes. Depending on how much water was used, it can take a few weeks for the structure to stabilize and to get the pumped in water out. Only after that can you accurately determine the yield.

    Sounds to me like the guy told you what you wanted to hear so he could get paid.
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