Goulds GT-15 Irri-gator

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    Nov 19, 2009
    Gt-15 stopped working suddenly this spring. Took the back cap off, took the start capacitor off and it basically fell apart. Replaced capacitor but still nothing. No sounds. no humming, nothing. Power is getting to the pump. I can easily turn the shaft freely with my fingers. So I took it to a pump repair place and they say it needs to be replaced. Says the impeller melted ,most likely from running dry. (I guess it could've happened. It's been in service for almost 4 yrs and never had a problem before.) That said, if the impeller was melted to the diffuser (his words) would I be able to turn the shaft? I assume they checked the electrical on the pump before concluding that it was the impeller. Replacing those (2) items would cost around $60 as opposed to a new pump.
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    If it got hot enough for a total meltdown, then maybe it's possible that the shaft decoupled from the impeller allowing it to spin free. Why don't you ask the repair shop for an explanation as to why the shaft spins free?

    If you got no sounds or vibration from the pump after you worked on it, then there is a good possibility that the motor overheated and died as well. Don't assume they checked the motor, ask them.
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  4. valveman

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    My guess is that the pump deadheaded and melted down. That GT15 can only build 49 PSI if it is pumping from a storage tank. If it is lifting from a well, it won’t be able to even build 49 PSI. If you have a pressure switch, a setting of 30/50 is too high. If you are using a pump start relay, the sprinklers probably didn’t pop up when the pump came on, which melted the pump.
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