Good pressure, but no volume in my upstairs bathrooms

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I recently had to replace by well seal, suction pipe and pump plumbing and while replacing everything, I also upped the on/off pressure on the switch and adjusted the pressure in the pressure tank accordingly. All components replaced were of equal size and diameter as previously existed. We have never had good water pressure in the house, but you could always run the shower when the shower when the washing machine or dishwasher was running. Now the water drips out the shower.

It appears that the well seal gave out and the weight of the suction pipe caused a small air leak on the suction side of the pump. The pump ran all night and melted the PVC.

First a question regarding the well seal. I thought that the purpose of the well seal was to keep dirt and surface water from entering ingot the well and contaminating the well. I tightened the seal to that the rubber gasket is compressed around the suction pipe . The seal has two 1/4" set screws to hold it on the casing. Should these be "set" into the well casing to compress the gasket on top of the well casing?

Some background information:

The pump is at the well and is about 1.5' above surrounding grade. My water table is usually never any lower that four of five feet and is usually about 2' below grade during the wet season. The well casing is about 65' deep and the bottom of the screen as about 67'. The pump is a 3/4 HP model and has been in place for about 4 years. The pump has to push water about 120 feet to the house and the softener. The highest fuxture is a passive solar water heater/tank on the roof, which is about 22' above grade (assume the same as the grade at well). The shower as about 17' above the same grade.

The pump appears to have excellent pressure and volume at the pump and downstairs as well. I replaced a woven pre-filter at the softener with a coarse one and that seemed to improved the pressure in the house.

I was wondering if the softener is gunked up? Right before the well went out, I noticed that the water was getting hard and the iron was not being removed. I checked the internal workings of the softener head and basket it was all clean. I checked the salt and found that is had solidified and was a hard as a rock with a thick gray sludge at the bottom. I cleaned out and replaced the salt. Checked all of the hoses venturi fittings, etc, all cleaned as needed. Now the water is soft with no iron coming through, but still low volume upstairs. I cleaned all of the aerator screens which seemed to help in a few situations.

Any suggestions?


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Have you tried taking the shower valves out, throughly cleaning everything and flushing the inlet lines?
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