Going Fixture Shopping this weekend.......

Discussion in 'Plumbing Forum, Professional & DIY Advice' started by chefwong, May 17, 2012.

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    This old tired bathroom has got me going...bathroom remodel planning
    Leaking Stop Valve.
    Planned remodel a year ago but due to flooded basement, DIY was focused on the lower level.
    She must know she's old and tired as the valve just started leaking way too much water....

    What do you guys weigh in when looking at fixtures. Whether it be a faucet , tub, etc....

    For starters, I've got to do more homework on acrylic.
    Cast Iron has always been my defacto choice due to heat retention, but for this current build - the shapes/styles of tubs I have seen online all fall within the acrylic line.

    What do you look for in a faucet.
    For me, it' errrrr, cough cough - fashion over function.
    I've had great success with Grohe and Kohler. Sometimes in life, you get brand married as you have had good luck with both.
    I don't see anything in their lineup that is going to match the look, so we're going to look at some KWC and Dornbracht fixtures..And yes, I do know it's kinda silly paying XYZ for some of the stuff I'm considering , but fashion takes precedence over function. Function being important as well, just not as important as the aesthetics.

    Toto or Porcher.
    Porcher definately wins on style

    The list goes on. I have a sink in mind, but will that finish in color match whatever we end up choosing for the tub. White is not a universal color ;-)

    Let me hear it fellow plumbers. You guys see how this stuff stands up in the real world.

    I know the 2 Duravit toilets I put in my previous office space was ehhhhh
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  2. hj

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    quote; Let me hear it fellow plumbers.

    Fellow Plumbers? Are we buddies? I would NEVER attempt to influence ANY ONE once they have started down the slippery slope of fixture/faucet selection. No matter what I would suggest, if they were unhappy with it for any reason, they would blame me for their choice. I would rather let the stew in their own decisions. Which is also why I have them buy the items themselves, so I do NOT have to take care of any problems which occur, at least not for free.
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