GE/RHEEM Power Vent Blower Motor Assembly Gasket

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    Nov 2, 2006

    I have a question about the power vent blower motor assembly gasket....

    I have a GE Power Vent HW heater. Model # GG50S06RVJ which I believe is a rebranded RHEEM 42VP50S.

    I’m in the midst of replacing the dip tube, and so far so good. However, I had to remove the entire blower motor assembly off the top in order to get a big pipe wrench on the cold water inlet nipple. There is a thin foam gasket on the bottom of the entire blower assembly that “seals” against the top surface of the tank itself. My gasket is not in terrible condition, but it isn’t perfect either. Portions of it are a little hard and dried out, apparently due to heat. There are also a few places where it has been compressed more than others, due to protrusions and uneven top surface of the tank.

    My question is….how critical is this gasket? I cannot believe that this gasket is SOLELY responsible for the prevention of CO leakage and poisoning! Presumably that’s what the blower motor itself is for. Can I reuse my existing gasket without the risk of CO issues? I don’t care about noise/vibration at this point, just the safety issue.

    Thank you.


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  2. dj2

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    Aug 13, 2013
    Call customer's service (the number is in the owner's manual) and they can get you a replacement gasket. If you're nice to them it will be free.

    If not, use some RTV silicone for gaskets to seal the deal.
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