Free Standing Tub - Water supply question on remodel

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I recently did a partial remodel of an early 1990's MB. Shower was redone due to poor tile job and leaking grout. I left the corner jacuzzi style tub with dated tiles and a plywood deck with step

Anyway, I'm now redoing the floor tile and have removed the corner jetted tub with its deck.

Plan is to replace with a free standing tub with Delta floor mounted faucet. I'm looking to sell the house, so am trying to minimize additional work. Anyway, the shower and Jacuzzi tub both branched off of 3/4 inch hot and cold copper pipes. 3/4 inch was run from basement up to 2nd floor. Both the tub and shower reduced (and t-eed) off to 1/2 inch copper. Unfortunately the tub supply ran underneath the tub deck from the shower wall. There is a joist separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Below the 2nd floor MB is another bathroom and small pantry. Access would be difficult from these areas.

Anyway. The 2 sink vanities have their own water supply coming up from the basement but are 1/2 inch copper.

It would be easy to branch off of these lines and use them to supply the free standing tub. Would this be okay? The Jacuzzi tub was pretty big as it was a corner unit with jets. The free standing tubs are much smaller in capacity.

Also, any recommendations on which free standing tubs and faucets to use? I'm in Illinois and thru Menards liked the MAXX Lorca tub, but I think I have to order it (no stock). I did also see I can get tubs from Amazon like the Woodbridge BTA-1513. Any opinions on these? I think paying more for an easier install is worth it within reason. The MAXX tub sells a Drain Kit which makes install from the 2nd floor easy.

Thanks for any info. Esp on the supply lines.

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