Flowing Artesian Well = Fart Water

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  1. Mike Pastorelli

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    Jul 12, 2012
    My Neighbor has a flowing Artesian Well.. We are in SW Florida and the river is no more than 100 feet away.. Someone told him the well was drilled down 600 feet.. Not only does the water have the fart smell, but also tastes the part too..

    My questions:
    His house was built in 1920. Did they have the capability to drill a 600' well back around that time in rural SW Florida?

    If I drill on the same latitude line as his well ( about 30 feet away ) will I come up with a flowing artesian well too?

    Could it be that its a shallow Artesian being pressurized by the weight of the body of water ( river ) across the way?
  2. justwater

    justwater Well Drilling/Service

    May 13, 2010
    A local reputable driller in your area will have better answers than anyone else. We can get artesian flowing wells in many places where I am in NE Florida. it very well could be that old, the technology/capability was there. Id sure hate to know i had to drill a well like that with what they likely had to work with though. We have one close to 600' on our farm that was drilled in the mid-late 30's.. a well like that here has about 500' of casing set into the limestone of the floridan aquifer. a nearby river would have nothing to do with the water table or flow on a well that deep here.. its the natural pressure of that aquifer.

    What you smell/taste is sulfur. the ones here are full of it too, 0 iron though. the water needs to be treated before running it in the house. we've used about every sulfur system I'm aware of (except chlorine injection.. no thanks). I currently use the water-right IMS unit. Its uses air injection to oxidize the water then centaur carbon to remove the sulfur and regenerates itself every so many gallons. its pretty much maintenance free, I like them so far. The carbon does have a lifespan and will need to be replaced one day.. aerator tanks with sprayers is the most common/simple sulfur treatment u see around here but require another pump/tank and nobody keeps them clean. I've seen some nasty stuff floating in those tanks.
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