Find leak in ABS waste line

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I have leak or leaks in my waste system. I can smell it.. sometime food odors. sometimes the brown... or other..
Its a 2 story townhouse style duplex in Everett WA built in the mid 70's.. I notice the smells in the crawlspace when I am down there, and seem to be stronger in specific locations. One area where I noticed the smell had a joint with some cement based product smeared around it. It was where a bunch of pipes came together and I am guessing they had a hard time getting the last connection. Another joint had a fresh drip. I suspect more but could not find any by touch.

Thinking I go wrap sheets of paper around the joints and come back later to see if they are wet.

I am working on 1 unit and the other is occupied...The odors come and go dependent upon usage of the occupied unit.

I guess I am smelling air escaping the system under the house instead of thru the vents. Its 2 story and the vents are way up there on about a 6/12 pitch, so no way to get up there for me.

Any good way to test and reveal the leaks? Seems like small pin leaks would not cause noticeable odors. But then the odors could be coming from the top half of the pipe that never really gets wet?

barring any wind, would the sewer gases tend to rise or fall? perhaps a pierced or broken vent in the wall?

I take some pics next time I dive under there. and check to see if there is a test tee near the building exit...

Thanks in advance
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