Fill Valve for Old Crane Toilet

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    Dec 18, 2004
    isiting my son and his family in Canada, and he asked me to help fix a very noisy toilet fill valve. It's the old style with the ballcock and float arm. The toilet is a Crane with the numbers 1902 87 on one side of the Crane T logo and 243 on the other. I can see that the old valve is not working properly, and I would ordinarily just pick up a Fluidmaster or Korky "universal" fill valve. What I'm worried about is that the tank height is only 9 inches and the fill line is only 7. Any suggestions on what will fit?

    Please ignore the dimensions above. I measured another Crane toilet in the house thinking they were the same size, but they are not. I should be able to use any standard Fluidmaster or Korky valve in the toilet that needs a new valve.

    fluidmaster-400h.jpg korky-528mp-shelf.jpg
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