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  1. lindalawson

    lindalawson New Member

    Oct 1, 2007
    The plumber and builder installed a fiberglass tub for us .The tub is tiled in. With its first use we found water on the floor below .
    The both say it is leaking because the Delta faucet does not sit far enough down on the part it attaches to due to the thickness of the fiberglass.
    The Delta people say they have never heard of this type of porblem .
    Please advise us what to do.

    As we have
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    If the eschution doesn't fit tight up to the tiled wall, then the plumber didn't install it in the right location.

    If the tub isn't installed level, water can run along the tiling flange and leak out.

    I'm assuming this is a tub/shower. When it was tiled, what is on the walls, and how was it installed?

    If the plumber did the entire install, he is responsible to fix it.

    can you post a picture or describe where you think it is leaking?

    Could it be as simple as not having the shower curtain pulled all the way across? or are there glass doors?

    Take a level and measure the tub from L-R and inside to outside from the top must be level.
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  4. geniescience

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    Nov 27, 2005
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    tub make, call tub manufacturer 1-800- or look on their web site, and see how thick the tub wall is. It is a known quantity, it is not a secret, it is not a first-time-ever kind of question. It is often asked and answered.

    Compare that to what Delta says is the minimum thickness their thingie can go over. There is a minimum.

    Show both to your plumber. Let us know what results you get with this approach.

  5. lindalawson

    lindalawson New Member

    Oct 1, 2007
    thank u for the replies. i see i did not give enough information.

    The water leaks from our MBTH to the first floor bathroom . It shows up at the vent fan. There is no shower. It is a lip over,drop in, corner soaking tub.the fauce is mounted in the top flat deck of the tub.

    When the gooseneck spout is installed, it doesn't sit down far enough for the O ring to seal inside of the spout.

    So the water leaks out unseen around the O ring and down under the deck of the tub.
    Plumber claims the thickness of the fiberglass prevents a snug fit with the g faucet spout. Plumber feels the responsiblity to find the solution lies with us as we purchased the tub and fixtures. He worked at stopping the leak for 3 hours .

    He recommends having the spout shortened by a machine shop or find a shorter spout.

    (i have looked for the tub manufacturer online and have not yet been successful. It is called Pro-fit. )

    We'd like to know if there is agreement with his suggestions .Also, please continue to offer your solutions.

    thanks much,
    linda and jeff
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  6. jimbo

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    Aug 31, 2004
    San Diego, CA
    It occurs to me that you could use some shims of some sort on the underside of the deck. This would keep the body of the spout assembly lower, as if coming through a thick deck. The shims could be some large fender washers or fabricated out of some pieces of metal stock from the hardware store.

    Stainless steel or brass would be ideal, but for what you need and ease of fabrication, you will probably have to settle for hot dipped galvanized. If you end up with just zinc coated, you should dip in rustoleum first, and let it dry.

    Since you spec'd the tub and the faucet, the burden was on you to determine what is compatible with what.

    I looked at the rough in spec sheets for the Delta R2707, a typical roman tub valve, and it shows maximum deck thickness of 2½", and does not actually specify a minimum. Without having it in hand, I cannot tell for sure. It looks like a thin deck would not be a problem.

    Easy for me to say...I'm not there. But I would criticize your plumber for just leaving an installation which he knew was not right...whoever's fault that is......and just leaving it to leak.
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  7. lindalawson

    lindalawson New Member

    Oct 1, 2007
    thank you for your responses one and all.
    we feel we have support and more info in finding a solution.

    linda and jeff
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