Exterior stack vent location gable wall?

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Looking at 903 for NY. We have about 80ft of 4" developed cast iron pipe length to the street vent. It currently vents 19DFU's but plan an extra 2 for a washer sink, 21 DFU's which puts me square in 3" pipe territory. Can anyone see an issue with reducing from 4 - 3" pipe only in the last vent piece in the attic, the rest from the 2nd floor down will remain cast iron?

Second question is location. I want to vent out an exterior gable wall instead of the roof. The location would be in the lower 1/3 of the gable about 1' below the rake. The entire roof deck is 8" of 2lb spray foam so the soffits no longer take in air. There is an inoperable window on the wall, but it's a custom triangle that doesn't open. It's also the 3rd floor attic gable about 30' in the air. Any reason against venting out the gable wall with a menards vent link below?

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