Exposed NM-B in Garage... What year not legal?

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum discussion & Blog' started by Ted M, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Ted M

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    Dec 3, 2011
    Northern New Hampshire
    I have a detached garage built in 1985.

    It has exposed NM-B cable vertically between 2 x 4 studs.

    Nowadays you cannot have exposed NB-B cable; it must be protected.

    Does anyone know in what year it was required that NM-B cable be protected in detached garages?
    Thank you.

  2. cacher_chick

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    Jan 5, 2008
    Test, Don't Guess!
    Land of Cheese
    I can't answer your question, but do believe it is really the inspector's call as to what is "not protected".

    Where I am they commonly build a detached residential garage with one circuit for a light and receptacle using NM stapled on the inside of the studs. They would not get away with having any NM on the exposed face of the stud because it is "not protected".

    On an attached garage, they have to hang the sheetrock for the fire barrier anyway, so they always do the entire garage.
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  4. jwelectric

    jwelectric Electrical Contractor/Instructor

    Jun 14, 2007
    North Carolina
    This is untrue, it can be stapled to the side of the stud all day long unless it is something local.

    See this proposal

    7-37 Log #809 NEC-P07 Final Action: Accept in Principle


    Submitter: Richard E. Loyd, Sun Lakes, AZ
    Recommendation: Add new text to read as follows:
    334.10 Uses Permitted.
    Type NM, Type NMC, and Type NMS cables shall be permitted to be used in the following:
    (1) One- and two-family dwellings and their attached or detached garages, and their storage buildings except as prohibited in 334.12.
    Substantiation: This change is necessary for consistence since this suggested text appears at the end of both 334.10(2) and (3) and the text added to the 2011 NEC assumes that all residential out buildings are dry locations and do not contain chemicals and other materials that may be harmful to the materials used in this wiring method.
    Type NM may or may not be a suitable wiring method in all detached garage and storage building environments. This added text will make installers aware of the limitations of use.
    Panel Meeting Action: Accept in Principle
    Revise the code text of 334.10, (2), and (3) and 334.12 (A)(1) to read as follows:
    334.10 Uses Permitted. Type NM, Type NMC, and Type NMS cables shall be permitted to be used in the following except as prohibited in 334.12:
    (2) Multifamily dwellings permitted to be of Types III, IV, and V construction except as prohibited in 334.12.
    (3) Other structures permitted to be of Types III, IV, and V construction except as prohibited in 334.12.
    The remaining text in 334.10 is not changed.
    In Section 334.12 (A) (1) delete the word “and” between (2) and (3) and insert it between (3) and newly added item (5) as follows:
    (1) In any dwelling or structure not specifically permitted in 334.10(1), (2), and (3) and (5).
    Panel Statement: The panel accepts the submitter’s proposal in principle. Upon review, it has been determined that 334.10 essentially is a specific list of building types as found in Annex E. The conditions of use within those building types is defined in the 5 listed items of 334.10. Deleting the words “except as prohibited” from list items (2) and (3) and including those words in the opening (parent) paragraphs text addresses the submitters concerns. Upon review, the panel has determined that, during the 2011 cycle with the relocation of the previous exception to 334.12(A)(1) as a new use permitted in 334.10 (5), there is a need for editorial clarification to the language of 334.12(A)(1).
    Number Eligible to Vote: 14
    Ballot Results: Affirmative: 14
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