Electric Hot water heater.

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    Apr 23, 2009
    My questions are: When I first turn on my cold water in the morning it comes out very warm and after 15 to 30 seconds it gets cold. My thermostats are set 140 for the top and 142 for the bottom. I have a well and the pump is set to come on at 40 lbs and cut out at 60 lbs and my pressure tank has 38 lbs of air. I also run out of hot water if I take a 12 minute shower. It did not used to run out that soon. I replaced the elements in the tank and checked the fill pipe. (It goes almost to the bottom of the tank). I have a 40gal tank with electric heat. . There is no sediment in the tank. Also, how do you check an element to see if it is good? Can I just disconnect the wires and use an ohm meter to see if there is continuity? I am 83 years old and am a retired dentist and have done all my own plumbing and electrical for 50 years. I am stumped. HELP!!! I am really not sure how to use this form and how to find any responses.
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    1 3 gals/min x 12 min = 36 gals at less than 108F.
    2 They should read 13 ohms, give or take. Also make sure there is no continuity between the element and ground.
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    A stuck thermostat will not allow the element to heat the water even if it is a good element. I check to see if the elment SHOULD be heating with a voltmeter, and if it is then if it IS heating with an ammeter.
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