Ejector Well leaks around 4in PVC inlet line

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I have an ejector pump in a sump located in my basement that is used to pump sewage from my house to the aerator system outdoors. I have a 4in PVC inlet pipe that leaks around the inlet collar allowing ground water into the pump basin when heavy rains accumulate under my basement floor. I also have a sump pump located a couple of feet from the ejector pump well and it works properly.

What can I use to seal around this PVC pipe inside the ejector pump basin to prevent this ground water from entering the system. This pump initiates every 45 seconds to 1 minute when this additional water is pumped out. I am concerned that this pump's working life will be severely shortened by this excessive useage. You have a post that describes a similar problem but a 3in PVC inside a 4in PVC is not the same issue as mine. Thank you. SM52


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I would consider 3M 5200 applied from outside of the sealed septic basin. It is hard to stop a leak with an inside sealant.

3M T Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 (week or so for complete cure, handle in 48 hours)
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There is also the fast cure 3M 4200FC

Another possibility would be to excavate outside of the pit, and add a fair amount of hydraulic cement around that pipe, at and near the basin. This will cure under water. You could probably just fill up the excavation hole with the same stuff.
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