Duel Kitchen sink odor

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  1. ChuckO

    ChuckO New Member

    Oct 21, 2006
    We have a duel type kitchen sink with a garbage disposal on one side with the dishwasher drain hooked into the garbage disposal. The trap on this side is at the same level as the other side and both are t'ed into one main 3" drain in the wall. Several months ago we changed a cracked faucet with a new but cheaper tall plastic faucet with a built in pull out sprayer from Home Depot. All was well for the first several months but now the water or drain seems to smell very foul like sewer water. At someones suggestion I filled 3 glasses of water at different tempetures, took them in another room and the water did not smell. We disassembled and cleaned the garbage disposal without any improvement. Could the new faucet be at fault? Or any other suggestions. Thanks, ChuckO
  2. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Nov 12, 2005
    Put the stopper in the G/D and see if it will go away.

    Many disposals that are on their way out will smell bad because they won't dispose of all the food. Some of it gets stuck in nooks and crannies as rust forms and tolerances become enlarged and begins to rot.

    Sometimes the flange that holds the G/D will allow water under the flange and it can stink.

    Could be a trap not pitched right holding water in the drain line leading from the trap and forming a layer of goop that will cause the trap water to smell.

    Try pouring 1 cup of bleach in each trap B4 bed and let it sit all night. Run the water in the morning and see if the smell is gone.
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