Dual shower heads

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    Sep 6, 2009
    We are remodeling our bathroom and have a 3/4" line for the shower and want equal pressure to both shower heads. We are wondering what the loop design mentioned in other threads looks like, is there a picture?
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    In most cases it does not make a bit of difference. It would depend on where the two heads are located.
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    Sep 8, 2009
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    Water go to lease resistance, after you tee off keep the pipe lenghts equal
  5. johnfrwhipple

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    Planing a Dual Shower Head Installation

    Picture the mixing valve on your wall.

    Draw a line up from there to a large square or rectangle. Even sides.

    Draw in your two heads spaced evenly and you have a mock up.

    The water in this loop can move from either side and feed both shower heads with the same force.

    This set up is with one mixing valve and both heads always running. The plumbing gets more crazy once you add in separate controls but it can all be done.

    You might find this article on Houzz helpful for planning your shower fixture locations

    "How to place shower controls for bathing bliss"

    Here is a good diagram of a balanced four body jet design

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